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Exhibition in Goa

IND will present its proposal for a School of Craft at the Serendipity Arts Festival to be held between December 15-22, 2017 in Panjim, Goa. EXHIBITION

Correa Exhibition in Mumbai

The exhibition "Building on Ideas" will travel to Mumbai and will be jointly organized by the TU Delft, IND and the Charles Correa Foundation. EXHIBITION

Mumbai Fieldtrip

9 students from TU Delft and 10 students from the KRVIA take part in a week-long workshop that looks into affordable housing in Nalasopara, Mumbai. EDUCATION

School of Craft

IND was shortlisted, among 14 other teams, in the open international architectural competition for a School of Crafts in Goa, India. More details soon. PROJECT

Mumbai Graduation Studio

Rohan Varma will be a Tutor for TU Delft's Chair of Dwelling Global Housing Graduation Studio 'Mixing Mumbai: Affordable Housing for Inclusive Growth' for 2017/2018. EDUCATION

Project in Kala Ghoda

IND will design a cafe & retail store in the heart of Mumbai's art district - Kala Ghoda. More details and drawings of this project will be uploaded shortly. PROJECT

Charles Correa Exhibition Closes

After 3 weeks at BK Expo, the "Building on Ideas" Exhibition closes at TU Delft. Models & drawings will travel to other cities. Stay tuned for further details. EXHIBITION

"Shifting Scales"

Rohan Varma delivers his lecture "Shifting Scales" in the inaugural seminar 'Housing Ideals & Standards: The Case of India' at the TU Delft. LECTURE

Global Housing Study Center

Rohan Varma will lecture and moderate the panel discussion at the Global Housing Day Seminar at TU Delft. Panelists include Rahul Mehrotra, Sameep Padora. CONFERENCE

"Building on Ideas" Exhibition

The exhibition "Building on Ideas: Charles Correa's Built & Un-built Designs for Housing" co-curated by Varma and Dick van Gameren opens on June 12th, 2017. EXHIBITION

PhD: Public Housing in India

From March 2017, Rohan Varma will begin his PhD research on public housing in India at TU Delft alongside his private practice in Mumbai and Amsterdam. RESEARCH

Global Housing Study Centre

Rohan Varma will join a small group of architects and researchers at the newly initiated Global Housing Study Centre at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft. RESEARCH

Charles Correa Exhibition

Rohan Varma will co-curate along with Dick van Gameren an exhibition on the built and un-built housing designs of Charles Correa. EXHIBITION

DASH Exhibition in Ethiopia

DASH's exhibition on affordable housing titled "Global Housing" will run at the Ethiopian National Gallery Theatre from November 15th-28th 2016. EXHIBITION

Z-AXIS Keynote Sessions

Rohan Varma was invited to moderate all three keynote sessions at the 2016 Z-Axis Conference that was in the Kala Academy in Goa. CONFERENCE

Spanish Article on Correa

A spanish translation of Rohan Varma's article "Architecture as an Agent of Change" on Charles Correa is published on Archdaily's Latin America platform. PUBLICATION

In Memoriam

Rohan Varma's article in memory of Charles Correa is published on Archdaily on the Indian architect's one-year death anniversary. PUBLICATION

Cafe in Lower Parel Opens

Work has finished on the Cafe in Lower Parel. Doors open in June 2016. More photographs will be updated soon. Stay tuned! PROJECT

TU Delft-CEPT Workshop

In April 2016, Rohan Varma was invited as an assistant-tutor for the TU Delft-CEPT Global Housing Studio workshops that were held in Ahmedabad. TEACHING

DASH Exhibition at TU Delft

Drawings and photographs by Rohan Varma were exhibited at BK Expo, TU Delft as part of DASH's exhibition on affordable housing. EXHIBITION

Interview with Charles Correa

Rohan Varma's interview with Charles Correa titled "Affordable Cities" is published on the Dutch architecture website Archined. PUBLICATION

"Confronting Informality" Article

A write-up on Rohan Varma's lecture "Slums: A Typological Study" given at the 2014 conference "Confronting Informality" is published in a book of the same name. PUBLICATION

Cafe in Lower Parel

The design phase is over and construction has begun at the Cafe in Lower Parel. Work is estimated to finish by May 2016, and the Cafe should open in June 2016. PROJECT

"Shifting Scales" in DASH

Rohan Varma and Dick van Gameren co-author an article on India's history of affordable housing design in DASH #12 published by NAI 010 Publishers, Rotterdam. PUBLICATION

"Elastic Cities" in LOBBY

Rohan Varma authors an article titled "Elastic Cities" edited by James Taylor-Foster that is published in the UCL Bartlett's LOBBY magazine. PUBLICATION

"Profit versus People"

Rohan Varma's article "Profit versus People" that deals with issues of informality and housing policies in Mumbai will be published by Routledge, London. PUBLICATION

Lecture on YouTube

Rohan Varma's lecture at the 'Confronting Informality' conference held at BerlageZaal, TU Delft is uploaded on YouTube. LECTURE

Jaap Bakema Center Platform

Rohan Varma's academic work was exhibited on the online platform of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre (Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam). EXHIBITION

"Slums: A Typological Study"

Rohan Varma lectures on Mumbai's urbanization and informal settlements at the 'Confronting Informality' conference held at TU Delft. LECTURE

"Integrating Informality"

Rohan Varma presents his studies on Mumbai's urban growth and work on affordable housing design at a lecture for MSc 2 students at TU Delft LECTURE

Published on Archined

A write-up and interview with Rohan Varma regarding his academic work is published on the Dutch architecture website Archined. PUBLICATION

Archiprix Book

As one of the finalists for the 2014 Archiprix Prize, Rohan Varma's work is featured in a book published by NAI010 Publishers (Rotterdam). PUBLICATION

Charles Correa Posters

Rohan Varma designs a series of 4 posters to mark Charles Correa's lecture "Blessings of the Sky" at TU Delft, The Netherlands. CONFERENCE

Archiprix Exhibition

As one of the finalists for the 2014 Archiprix Prize, Rohan Varma's work will be exhibited in a travelling exhibition that will visit Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht. EXHIBITION

Archiprix Prize

Rohan Varma's project "Integrating Informality" was featured in a publication for the 2014 Archiprix Prize alonside other nominated graduated projects from the TU Delft. PUBLICATION

"Making of the Maximum City"

Rohan Varma essay "Making of the Maximum City" forms the introduction to the book 'Learning from Mumbai.' It also includes contributions by Charles Correa & Rahul Mehrotra. PUBLICATION

"Integrating Informality"

Rohan Varma was invited to present his studies and designs on Mumbai's urbanization and slums in the first Delft Global Housing Symposium. LECTURE

JN Tata Lecture

Rohan Varma (JN Tata Scholar, 2011) was invited by the JN Tata Scholarship to give a talk in Mumbai to the outgoing Tata Scholars of the batch of 2014. LECTURE

"Mumbai: A Collage"

Rohan Varma's essay "Mumbai: A Collage" traces the city's evolution covering its three major periods:colonisation, modernisation and liberalisation. PUBLICATION

Teaching at KRVIA

Between 2010-2011 Rohan Varma taught at the KRVIA as an Assistant Professor of Architecture. Courses include Graphic Design, Interior Design and Architecture Design. TEACHING

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